Daily journal for 30 days

📌 Daily journal

Let’s talk about daily journal in personal life.

There are lots of things to journal in day to day life.

💡 Health journal
💡 Sleep – Wakeup time journal
💡 Habit tracker journal
💡 Bullet journal

Journal is nothing but tracking something on daily basis.

I follow bullet journal to keep track of the

🍾 to do list of day
🍾 progress of short/weekly goals
🍾 priority task of the day

The key benefits of the journal is stay focused on what we to do, and decide & plan the day well ahead.

Marking a checklist done makes you happy ✔

Just spend a 10 minutes a day to prepare & plan for the day.

And take some time to update metrics at end of the day or may be mid of the day.

Important question I have in my journal is

Am I happy today 🥳 or not 😔

Track for 30 days and see how many days you’re happy 📅

The main things you will unlock for tracking your habits or task is patterns.

Like which day in week, you are productive.

What makes you feel happy. How structured and discipline you’re in planning and maintain records. 💽

Patterns will break & intro you many data of yours.

Sometimes you’ll do it for 2 days. And drop it.

Then after sometime you’ll do for week & stop. 🥊

For better clarity of dat, I suggest one to track your personal achievements & tasks for 30 days.

So that you could reach good amount of data & Journal will become your habit.

And also you can add a small summary daily you wish.

During month end, you can review your whole month and read your writing ✍️

It will be interesting, give a try.

🆓 ideas

You can some questions in your journal template

What makes my day very happy?
What drained my energy today?
Is it same sh*t, different day?

You can use some online tools 🥅 or some note books 📚 to track.

It’s up to individuals 🤞

Cheers 🍻🥂


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