7 common mistakes by newbie bloggers

Choosing the domain

Choosing the wrong domain name or free domain. Picking the right domain name based on niche will help Visitors to remember easily & relate with content.

Mixing up niche

Don’t mix up the blog topics too much. Decide your niche clearly. If your blog is focused on programming, food or lifestyle. Mixing up niche will discourage recurring visitors. If you really want to cover multiple niche – maintain proper category.

Write consistently

Consistency is the key. Make proper plan, write and schedule the Content. If you can write one post in a week or two week. Just go with it and schedule post accordingly. One of my favorite blogger posts Content on every Tuesday and Friday.

Copying content without giving credits

If you are referring and copying a part of sentence from another site. Give proper credits in your post. And also never copy paste entire content. Respect others work.

Never to hesitate to write small post

Never hesitate to write “How To” kind of post. If it solves a rare problem, even if it is a small post. It will get more traction. Even my blog have such kind of posts which gains me more traffic and tops at Google search.

Avoid grammatical mistakes

N number of online free tools available to check the spelling mistakes and grammatical mistakes. I myself did these kind of mistakes at start of my blogging journey. Sometimes my friends read it and message me to correct it.

Have your own style of writing

Prepare your own way of presentation. Design your own content delivery technique and the social media sharing schedules.

Happy blogging!


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