Next js experiment

Tried out an app with Next js with the help of an YouTube tutorial video. The app contains basic features like loading data from external api, single level routing, nested routing, layout templates, Hyperlink navigations, Card styles. Here is an outcome.

Thanks @traversymedia

This video is really helpful.…

I shall try the Udemy course as well shortly.

Deployed the source in vercel by following the official docs steps. Live:

Its quick and straight forward. I’m yet to figure out – how to trigger the build & deployment in vercel on each commit or merge.

Planning to add footer and some real-time data + images to see on how image rendering & optimisations happening.



Source of this app is available in the following path

How to suppress Pandas Future warning ?

I’ve been working some code with python and doing some operation with pandas library.

I used to get future warning in the console like some method is going to changed or deprecated in the future.

So change it to something else like that.

For sometime, it was fine for me. Over period of time, it was bit annoying. Because I was looking for errors description or output in the console. But this future warning message is showing up regularly and reduced my focus towards main items I need to work on.

So I decided to hide those future warning message in the console for a moment. I was looking at the internet and found an generic way to do it.

By adding following line in the code, all the future warning has been hidden from the console.

import warnings
warnings.simplefilter(action='ignore', category=FutureWarning)

import pandas

Hope this will be helpful for someone in future or may be for myself.

Happy Coding!