Public speaking is an art.

I never hesitate to speak to a group of people or local conferences.


It’s all started from childhood or school time.

My teachers used to make me class representative (means someone who organize the students in various things throughout the academic year) all the time.

And my teacher put me on the stage to talk sometimes.

Not sure what was the leadership quality or speaking skills I had at that time.

Even after changed my school, the same thing happened to me.

Ok, it’s following me to high school as well.

Little introvert ( *conditions apply)

Actually, I don’t speak to random people or new friends that much quicker.

But once I entered into their friend circle or either case, they will suffer a lot to hear my stories.

I talk all that time, I always have some common topic to speak with the neighboring person.

Stage fear

During grad school or college, we had the habit of taking seminars to students to cover some topics of the college syllabus.

I always volunteer and grab my slot at the earliest.

The same habit continues when I started my career as a developer. When there is a tech talk or something needs to explain to the local team. I ALWAYS THERE.

I never felt like speaking, it just part of my nature.

One question I receive from a wide range of friends is: Don’t you have stage fear? – No is the answer all the time.

The Same thing continued after joining a job.

I do talk at tech conferences or local events.

Its fun and makes me happy. ❤️

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