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Logger Settings in Elasticsearch

Default loggers in Elasticsearch The logging configuration of Elasticsearch is placed in logging.yml. The default logger level is INFO. The logger level can be configured as follows in config file es.logger.level: DEBUG This can be done using API call as follows PUT /_cluster/settings { “transient”: { “logger.discovery”: “DEBUG” } }   Slow log settings Slowlog is used to log the indexing requests and queries which exceed mentioned threshold time in the configuration. By default slowlog is disabled. The settings is applied index specific, we can set separate settings for each index… Read more Logger Settings in Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch Index aliases

Elasticsearch allows the user to create alias to the indices. For example, if we are maintaining different range of employee details in different indices. And we want to query the employee details of all range from our application. We can create alias to our existing indices. So that we can query all the needed indices with a single end point. If we are frequently adding new indices to our data sources. we don’t need to update everytime in application configuration part if we are using alias concept. Whenever we are adding new… Read more Elasticsearch Index aliases