npm install –force in vercel deployment

I have hosted an next js application in vercel. At some point, the npm dependencies doesn’t worked properly with npm install

It got error as Vercel deployment build failed with command npm install exited with 1

I have used the command npm install --force in my local box. I was checking how to achieve the same in my vercel deployment as well.

After sometime found these settings in vercel where we can can override the default Install command and provide our custom command.

I have override the settings and gave my custom command npm install --force in the Build & Development Settings.

The setting present under Project → Settings → General → Build & Development Settings.

Happy Coding!

Next js experiment

Tried out an app with Next js with the help of an YouTube tutorial video. The app contains basic features like loading data from external api, single level routing, nested routing, layout templates, Hyperlink navigations, Card styles. Here is an outcome.

Thanks @traversymedia

This video is really helpful.…

I shall try the Udemy course as well shortly.

Deployed the source in vercel by following the official docs steps. Live:

Its quick and straight forward. I’m yet to figure out – how to trigger the build & deployment in vercel on each commit or merge.

Planning to add footer and some real-time data + images to see on how image rendering & optimisations happening.



Source of this app is available in the following path