Browser Link in ASP .NET Core

What is Browser Link?

Browser Link is a feature in Visual Studio that creates a communication channel between the development environment and one or more web browsers. You can use Browser Link to refresh your web application in several browsers at once, which is useful for cross-browser testing.

How Does It Work?

Browser Link uses SignalR to create a communication channel between Visual Studio and the browser. When Browser Link is enabled, Visual Studio acts as a SignalR server that multiple clients (browsers) can connect to. Browser Link also registers an HTTP module with ASP.NET. This module injects special <script> references into every page request from the server. You can see the script references by selecting “View source” in the browser.

Your source files are not modified. The HTTP module injects the script references dynamically.

Because the browser-side code is all JavaScript, it works on all browsers that SignalR supports, without requiring any browser plug-in.

Earlier Discussion

We discussed about the browser link in .Net Framework earlier.

Take a look at here:

Browser Link option in Visual Studio

BrowserLink in ASP .NET Core

To use BrowserLink in ASP .NET Core, we should do few tweaks in the source code.

Install the following package in your project


Or using packet manager

Install-Package Microsoft.VisualStudio.Web.BrowserLink -Version 2.2.0

And config BrowserLink in your startup.cs

if (env.IsDevelopment())

Start using

Now start using the BrowserLink from the tool bar dashboard

Happy Coding!

Code Lens conflicting with Resharper in Visual Studio

I’m using VS 2019 and ReSharper. CodeLens settings gets conflicted with Resharper configuration. CodeLens is an extension used to provide the insights of code such as the number of times the methods or classes references and so on.

Every time when I go to

Tools > Options > Text Editor > All Languages > CodeLens > Enable CodeLens

checkbox is unticked.  Ticking it makes no difference as every time I go back in, it is unticked again.  Removing ReSharper solves this issue.


Resharper settings overwrites the CodeLens configuration in Visual Studio


Check which option is selected for “Disable CodeLens for all languages” here

ReSharper > Options > Environment > Performance Guide.

Make sure you make it as ignore. And then try Enabling CodeLens now, it will start working right away.

Happy debugging!