100 Web Project Ideas

Whenever I start learning a new Language or Framework, I used to create small apps or programs to practice.

Always, I try to build ToDo app if I learn Web Framework or random number generator if it a programming language and guess the number game.

I wish to build a list of items to help beginners to practice when they are learning something new.

So here is my contribution.

I have created a GitHub repo to list 100 Web Project Ideas


I wish you should help me to reach this list to more people who actually in need.

Feel free to star or fork or send PR to the repository.

And if you are using Twitter, send me hi to motivate me. I love it.

Here is a twitter thread I have created to reach more Devs.

That’s for now.

Hey @pandiyan_cool I just checked out your #100WebProjects list.

If you are reading or trying this, do let me know. I will be very happy.

Cheers, Happy Coding!

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