Angular 9 Tutorial for Beginners: Action Plan

What is Angular?

A framework for building client application in HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript.

Why Angular?

Why we need to learn Angular? We can do the same in JavaScript or jQuery. Yes, we can complete our most of the task using jQuery.

When the application becomes complex in terms of requirements, jQuery becomes hard to maintain the code. Even though we have lots of design patterns for JavaScript, its hard for beginner to start with design patterns.

When we create large complex application using jQuery – it becomes hard to test. To make life easier a lots of frameworks arrived in programming world to help the programmers.

Benefits of Angular

  • Its a component based framework which gives a clean structure for our application
  • It has Declarative templates which Includes lots of re-usable code
  • More testable code – supports to build lots of automated test
  • Dependency Injection – loads dependent objects (called the dependencies) when it creates an instance of an object.
  • We can write our code in either JavaScript or TypeScript – Angular Framework itself developed using TypeScript

Action Plan

In this tutorial, we are going to explore the basic concepts of angular first – step by step. And then we can move on to the advanced topics later on.

The plan is to help someone who are really new to angular. Beginners needs some simple step by step tutorial at the early stage. So we will discuss the basic concepts with code at first.

We are going to cover following topics in entire course. And I’m planning to add videos tutorial as well simultaneously. The action plan skeleton is

Introduction to the course

What is Angular?

Architecture of Angular

Setting up the Environment

Angular CLI

Your First Angular App

Structure of Angular Project







Dependency Injection

Learning Approach

When you are following this course, try the top down approach to learn the concepts.

Once you are confident with the concepts, you can go to any topics to brush your knowledge.

Each and every topic will be covered in upcoming posts and hyperlinked will be added in the above topics.

What about Intermediate or Experts?

If you are already familiar with angular, these sessions can act as brush up session for you to revisit the technology.

We are planning to add more tutorials on angular later on to cover intermediate and expert audience.

Our plan is to build

  • CRUD application tutorial in angular
  • Full stack application in angular
  • Performance optimization sessions.

How to reach?

If you have doubts while trying out the concepts or any errors in your code. Feel free to add comments in respective post or tweet me in the twitter.

If you are learning angular using this post, please let me that you are here.

Its kind of sending virtual HI to me! Add a comment in comments section below or send me a tweet.

Hey, @pandiyan_cool I’m just checking out your angular tutorial course. So thought to send you a virtual hi 🙂

Happy Coding!


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