Few quick steps to learn core parts of angular 2+

Actually, there is no quick steps to learn any tools or technology unless we are interested or committed to goal of our learning curve.

I just added this title as a temporary one, nothing came up in my mind suddenly. so simply added.

I’m just going list down the various steps/core parts that should be covered in the learning curve of angular 2+

And the steps are,

Step 1
Learn how to install Node.js & npm, whats the purpose of it, and how to use it

Step 2
What is TypeScript? – classes, interfaces, objects

Step 3
Angular CLI – Understanding project structure/architecture, entry point of application

Step 4
Bootstraping, ngmodules, Angular dependency injection

Step 5
Data binding, Observables & Promises, Pipes, and event handling in application

Step 6
Navigation & Routing,

Step 7
Testing – Karma, Jasmine

Step 8
How to deploy your apps in server


I think these are some core parts that needs to learned for building a basic angular application. If you think something could be add up in this, please mention those in comment section.

I’m planning to write each steps in detail in upcoming posts. And the question arrives in my mind or probably some people mind in my network,

  • So this is another how to angular posts?
  • So same story, different post?
  • Before you complete these post, the next version will get release
  • Are people going to read these?

And the answer I tell to myself,

I write to practice my skills, experiment my knowledge, and so on. It makes me happy. So, lets do this.

Happy blogging!


P.S. I shall add posts on each steps mentioned above and link those topics to this posts.


5 thoughts on “Few quick steps to learn core parts of angular 2+

  1. Pandiyan Murugan February 26, 2018 / 2:21 am

    Big journey starts with small steps. Be genuine, true, and humble to yourself. Respect your works, dedicate your time and compete with yourself to unblock more stuffs.


    Liked by 1 person

  2. Thiruchelvam Karmegam March 17, 2020 / 3:02 pm

    Great work Brother..


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