Elasticsearch installation Quick checklist

Hereby adding a quick checklist to make elasticsearch up & running

  • Install Java jdk packages
  • Set JAVA_HOME environment variable
  • Install elasticsearch packages
  • Adjust configs general settings & logger settings
  • Set heap size by setting environment variables
  • Allow 9200/9300 ports to communicate (Adding those ports in inbound & outbound rules in firewall settings)
  • Install elasticsearch service (provide custom user credentials if required)
  • Check heap usage using service.bat (mange option)
  • Install marvel/sense if needed

For more details on individual key parts, go through the posts under following tag Elasticsearch

Installing Elasticsearch 5.0 as Service on Windows

In previous version (example Elasticsearch 1.7 ), we have used service.bat script to create an Elasticsearch windows service.(link)
In Elasticsearch 5.0, the same achieved using the script named “elasticsearch-service.bat” which is available inside the bin folder of Elasticsearch package.

The following services are available in package

elasticsearch-service-x64 - 64 bit
 elasticsearch-service-x86 - 32 bit

Base on our JDK architecture, the appropriate service will be installed.

One more configuration needs to add before installing the Elasticsearch service, which is the part of the installation process in Elastic 5.0 version.

We need to update the thread stack size setting in the file jvm.options, which is available in the path of config folder.

We have to add the following line in config if we are using 32 bit Windows


We have to add the following line in config if we are using 64 bit Windows



Elasticsearch Service can be installed with the following command

elasticsearch-service.bat install


We can set various elasticsearch service options using the manager available in elasticsearch-service script.

elasticsearch-service.bat manager

I’m adding few snapshots of various options available. And also have a look at my previous post of installing Elasticsearch 1.x versions. (How to install Elasticsearch?)

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Happy exploring data 🙂