Angular 5 Tutorial 01 – Introduction


What is Angular?

A framework for building client application in HTML, CSS and JavaScript/TypeScript.

Why Angular?

Why we need Angular? We can do the same in JavaScript or jQuery. Yes, we complete our most of the task using jQuery.

When the application becomes complex in terms of requirements, jQuery becomes hard to maintain the code. Even though we have lots of design patterns for JavaScript, its hard for beginner to start with design patterns.

When we create large complex application using jQuery it becomes hard to test. To make life easier a lots of frameworks arrived in programming world to help the programmers.

Benefits of Angular

  • Its a component based framework which gives a clean structure for our application
  • It has Declarative templates which Includes lots of re-usable code
  • More testable code – supports to build lots of automated test
  • Dependency Injection – loads dependent objects (called the dependencies) when it creates an instance of an object.
  • We can write our code in either JavaScript or TypeScript – Angular Framework itself developed using TypeScript


We have two main sections in Architecture

  • Front-end
  • Back-end


In the front-end, we have built our UI using HTML, CSS, JavaScript or TypeScript. It contains HTML templates, Graphical representation, application presentation logic.


Back-end Architecture contains the Business Logic, Data from Database or APIs. In angular, we are not going to store any data in client side because once the session or cookies cleared everything will deleted. We will use local storage or cookies in client side to store temporary data. The business logic or data are stored in database or APIs.


The key parts available in angular architecture are

  • Modules
  • Components
  • Templates
  • Directives
  • Data Binding
  • Services
  • Dependency Injection

We can discuss on each topic in upcoming posts.

History of Angular

Before moving to deeper learning part, lets take a look on history of angular.

  • Angular JS – Version 1 – 2010
  • Angular – Version 2 – 2016
  • Angular – Version 4 – 2016 December
  • Angular – Version 5 – 2017 November

The first version on Angular is released in 2010 with the name of “Angular JS”. It became popular framework among developers.

Then in 2016, a complete rewrite has happened in the framework and it has been release with the name “Angular”. The word JS is removed from the framework name. This is a major release with complete rewrite of framework with major architecture and behavioral changes.

In December 2016, Angular version 4 is released. The version number 3 is skipped to match the version number mismatch between other components of angular.

The current version of Angular 5 is released in Nov 2017. The new version of Angular is going to released on every six months. That’s all about the major version changes happened in angular.

In next post, we can see how to create our hello world application in Angular.

Happy Coding!


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