Saving Git Username and Password in Tortoise Git

When we are dealing with Git commits multiple times daily, it will be difficult and time-consuming if we enter our username and password every time.

If we didn’t save our credentials, whenever we try to push our source code to the origin.



Credentials window occurs and consumes our valuable time.

By using following steps we can save our Git credentials in Tortoise Git

Create a text file called _netrc in the home directory


(e.g. c:\users\pandiyan\_netrc).

Or we can create the file in any path, but the path which contains the file should be added in the HOME environment variable. The file path URL should not contain any space character.

And the file should contain the credentials with the following format:






login myloginid

password mypassword

we can add multiple instance details too. By doing the above steps, login window won’t appear every time. We save our valuable time and spend that in some other ways.

Happy Coding 🙂

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Favorite tools for windows

Here is the few of my favorite tool list which I felt comfortable in using it. Everyone has their own collection of tools list and here is my small list. Wish to add all the tools whenever getting time in same post. Add your favorite tool in the comments section below.


Sublime –

Sublime is always been one of my favorite text editors as well dev tool. Most of the web application in my repository will viewed using Sublime. Themes in this editor (my favorite is Monokai always) is one of the major reason to love it.

VS Code –

Once I have started using VS Code, its started keep itself in the top 10 favorite tool list of mine. It has two edition standard edition (complete release) and Insider edition (nightly build). Currently, I’m using these editors for web application projects.

Notepad++ –

Notepad++ is will always present in the front row whenever I need a text editors. Notepad++ is written using using c++. It helps lots of text processing in a simple and awesome way.

Frequently used Tools

Tortoise SVN –

When I started learning what is version control, Tortoise SVN tool helped me to learn the workflow of the source code maintenance.

Tortoise Git –

Windows shell program to use Git.

Git extension –

Like other Git interface, its provide a great interface to handle Git repository operation without knowing the exact syntax of Git commands. On top of that It has a feature of saving commit template which is my all time favorite feature.

Diff merge –

To visually compare and merge files.

Source tree –

Once my colleague introduced me this tool, slowly I start using this tool. It has cool view to visually project and manage the Git repositories.

Fiddler –

The free web debugging proxy for any browser, system or platform. Mostly I have been using for web debugging to capture traffic in my system and browser. Its really an helpful tool for web developers from Telerik.

Resharper –

If you are C# guy and you are loved to play with Visual Studio, you definitely give a try of Resharper tool from JetBrains. It will provide lots of suggestion while coding.

Postman –

Postman is a used to quickly send API calls, and it has super user interface to attract the user. The tool also has history feature to keep track of previously sent API calls.

Firebug –

Its an interesting firefox addon which has lots of development tools with it used to debug the web pages.

Jing –

Jing is interesting screen shot tool which lots of features like highlight, history, etc.

Slick run –

This free floating command line utility will always make you feel like a super hero. Its super cool interface impressed user a lot which makes me to highlight this tool in my top 5 list always.

Filezilla –

Free FTP file management tool.

ccleaner –

Easy to use tool for cleaning our PC.

7Zip –

It is used to compress files with high compression ratio.

WinRaR –

Simple RAR archiver.

Skype –

Internet VOIP calls, Instant messages, screen share, etc.

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC –

Pdf reader with good user experience.

Time doser –

Time doser is my favorite pomodoro timer which is actually google chrome extension.

Google keep –

To keep track of all our notes across all devices. It is powered by google.

Remote desktop connection manager –

Multiple remote desktop connection manager.


Vlc media player –

Only player I’m using to play music in my device.

Potplayer –

Using this super cool multimedia player to play all the video files in my machine.

Package managers & generators

Nuget packet manger –

Package manager for the Microsoft development platform.

Yeoman –

Generators for web app to kick start the development.

gulp –

Build system, automate task.

npm –

Package manager for JavaScript.

bower –

Dependency management tool for front end components.

Top Websites in my visit list

JsFiddle –

Online code editor to test HTML, JavaScript, CSS. We can share our code to others as well.

Plunker –

Plunker is used for web development with live preview code changes. And also it has templates for various technologies to start quickly.

Codepen –

Front end code combo.

Stackoverflow –

Online community for programmers to learn and share the knowledge & ideas.

Github –

Online project hosting using Git.

Other tools in my list

Feedly –

All in one place to read blog post, news feed from multiple sources.

TreeSizeFree –

Used to analyze directory sizes and disk spaces.

WordPress for windows –

To make blog post in like this post.

Happy blogging 🙂