Saving Commit Templates using Git Extensions


Nowadays in projects, developers are using a common commit template for all commits in Git. This post provides the step by step details to save commit template in the Git Extension tool.

Commit template

The sample commit template will look as follows

[JiraId]: <Description>
[ReviewedBy]: <PeerName>

Steps to save templates in Git Extensions

The following steps will demonstrate the steps to save the templates

  1. Commit the changes using Git Extensions toolsaving commit 1
  2. In the commit window, we are having the option called commit templates. By selecting settings option in commit templates dropdown we can add our templatessaving commit 2
  3. We can add various commit templates with appropriate provided optionssaving commit 3
  4. Once we added our templates, we can able to quickly select various templates as followssaving commit 4

saving commit 5

Cool 🙂 That’s it.

Happy coding!


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