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Month: December 2015

Getting started with Elasticsearch

Hello Folks!! I’m writing these articles to share my experience and experiments which I have done with Elasticsearch. I have started experimenting Elasticsearch for its ultimate purpose – full text search. I was much impressed by the way real time searches happening and the working of analytics engine. Previously, I have used SQL databases in my project which will handle millions of data every day. And plenty full text searches have been happened in databases via application & APIs. To increase the performance of full text search in the application,… Read more Getting started with Elasticsearch

A tour to Elasticsearch

Ah! It’s time to make some posts about Elasticsearch. I’ve spent some quality time to experiment the Elasticsearch for my official and study purpose. In upcoming articles, I’m planning to cover various topics under Elasticsearch. The topics will starts with basic concepts and will extends to some detailed level like preparing Production level configuration. What you will know at the end of entire articles? You Know, for Search So get ready to explore Elasticsearch!! Posts coming soon… 🙂