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Month: September 2015

NASA: Unlocking Interplanetary Datasets with Real-Time Search

JPL is using Elasticsearch in many areas of its business and currently have two main areas they would like to show. One application is flight telemetry and system dashboards from Curiosity and SMAP. The application takes production data and gives an easy way for engineers to monitor and measure instruments given back from our spacecraft. The other application is one that affects all employees at JPL as Elasticsearch now powers JPL’s internal search engine including a powerful video and people search. Presentation

YSlow’s Performance Analysis

YSlow, is an extension to Firebug, is available within Firefox. It generates a score for each rule and an overall score based on a weighted average of the individual rule scores. It also displays a list of all the resources used in the page as well as overall statistics (number of requests, total page weight, etc.). The basic rules of YSlow’s Performance Analysis Minimize HTTP Requests Use a Content Delivery Network Avoid empty src or href Add an Expires or a Cache-Control Header Gzip Components Put StyleSheets at the Top Put Scripts at… Read more YSlow’s Performance Analysis