Simple steps to create MVC application in Visual Studio

Open Visual studio

Screenshot (2)

To create a new project

Select from menu bar File > New

Screenshot (3)

Select New Project option

Select from menu bar File > New > Project

Screenshot (4)

Select Visual C# from templates from the sidebar

Templates > Visual C#

Screenshot (5)

Select Web option from visual c# to create web application

Visual C# > Web

Screenshot (6)

In the middle bar you can find ASP .NET Web Application template Select the template

Choose the project name and solution name which you wish and select target file location to save project files

Select OK to continue process project creation

Screenshot (7)

Select MVC template from the template options, make sure MVC option is selected in check box

And then select OK to continue

Screenshot (8)

Project directories are getting created

Screenshot (10)

Now the project directories are generated with basic files needed to run application

Screenshot (11)

Select Internet Explorer or preferred browser from the option to debug & run the application

Press F5 or press button with name browser name to debug application

Screenshot (12)

Initial application will looks as follows, we can customize further as we want


Screenshot (13)

Sub pages

Screenshot (14)

Screenshot (15)

Login features

Screenshot (19)

Screenshot (20)

We can customize the further in styling as well functionality from these templates.


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