Prashanth Gunasekaran

Pandiyan is a wonderful colleague to be around with you in the software industry. He is always passionate about making things possible with the latest technologies and sharing knowledge in the easily understandable way. Well, he is a known expert in UI along with .NET technologies. I highly recommend organizations that Pandiyan is one of the right candidates that you can choose to solve interesting complex problems. 

HariHaran Subramanian

Pandiyan is a great dev to work with. He quickly mingles with any team member and starts contributing fast. He also has great experience in angular which makes him the fastest UI developer I’ve ever worked with. Apart from this he also helps other team members whenever required and he also shares his knowledge by taking community sessions and blogs.


I think seniors are very much important whenever you start an career who are on the same domain. One of the best senior, supporter and motivator in my career is #pandiyan_cool. He keeps the workplace cool and fun. He is also one of my inspiration to write blogs. Thanks for supporting me till now! Cheers!

Kishore V

Pandiyan is an extraordinary colleague to work with. He is a good team player. His passion for tech is admirable. I like the way he handles the problems and arrives at the solutions in a logical and more efficient way. As a senior developer, his contribution towards training the juniors is commendable. I have often seen him contributing to the community through Tech Talk sessions, blogging, and various other online platforms. Wishing you many more successful years and keep inspiring us!