SuNdaram SubramaNiaN

Pandiyan, a tech enthusiast. He has a strong knowledge of Angular, JavaScript, .NET Technologies and Database. I have learned many concepts from his Blogspot and Youtube channel. He is an active community contributor and tech event speaker. He deserves many big tech event stages as a Speaker, I really wish him good luck. It is an honor for me to recommend and endorse him. 


Sabitha Kuppusamy

Enthusiastic and always open for volunteering. It was great working with Pandiyan. He is very curious to learn technologies. Simply, he is a techie, smart worker and it goes on. One of the most inspired persons I have ever seen. I always admired how this guy is engaging himself with the interesting thing surrounded by him.

Archana Sukumaran

Pandiyan is a dedicated person to work with. He is very solution oriented with good technical skills. He is always eager to learn new technologies. He naturally rises to the occasion when presented with something he is passionate about, As a senior member of the team, He is always committed to impart knowledge to other members of the team and also keeps the entire team motivated. Apart from that, he also shares his knowledge by taking community sessions and writing blogs. Keep Rocking…

Velmurugan Panneerselvam

I know Pandiyan right from his early stages as a Software Engineer to Team lead, had a chance to work with him closely for around 5years. I always admire him as a professional and also as a person. He is so passionate towards new trends and technologies put infront of him. He is so dedicated and smart worker. an excellent blogger who has a keen interest towards the society as well. He is a quick learner and an aspiring professional. All the best for your future buddy… keeping rocking as you do always

Umamaheswaran Manivannan

I’ve worked with Pandiyan for almost 5 years and known his entire career. He is a very passionate developer and I’ve seen him quickly take on new responsibilities while having the time to teach other developers also. Pandiyan have been very critical resource for the team. Infact having him team has helped a lot in reducing some of my burden in managing the team. Apart from his core role I have seen him participate in lot of community activities and doing public presentation regularly has definitely improved his technical abilities and helped him to have an edge. I have only optimistic predictions for his career trajectory.